Monday, January 11, 2010

American Society of Cinematographer's Nominees

Barry Ackroyd, BSC for The Hurt Locker
Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS for Nine
Christian Berger, AAC for The White Ribbon
Mauro Fiore, ASC for Avatar
Robert Richardson, ASC for Inglorious Basterds

The nomination for Avatar is odd, seeing as so much of it is digital and required no physical camera placement, but it's interesting to know that enough of the ASC doesn't have a problem with the new form of filmmaking (they also nominated VFX-heavy King Kong). It's also nice to see that Nine isn't (totally) going the way of Australia (ie: being totally ignored in the technical/artistic guilds due to mixed reception). It did, however, miss out on the BAFTA longlist for the category (which I need to find and post here...I've been away from a computer for 4 days).

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