Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick thoughts on "The Blind Side"

- The best female lead performance of the year? Hell, this isn't even Bullock's own best performance! That would be Infamous.

- It's actually not a terrible movie, and Bullock's accent isn't as over the top as I expected it to be.

- That said, there are plenty of aspects that are either A) cliched or B) bland. The young kid, while occasionally funny, is mostly annoying and just mugs his way through the whole film, and Quinton Aaron, who plays Mike Oher, is pretty lifeless (on the other end of the spectrum, Tim McGraw is actually...a halfway decent actor. Who would've guessed that?).

- Bullock is good in the role, but it's written in such an obvious way that she's rarely given a moment to be either really showy or deep and subtle.

- That said, Bullock, and the film as a whole, is totally likeable, though I'm still not sure how this film managed to make $234 million (to date); what exactly kept pulling people in? I know it's about a football star, but there isn't a whole lot of football in it...

Grade: C/C+

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