Friday, December 3, 2010

"Tree of Life" trailer reactions

Unfortunately, Fox Searchlight has said that the trailer won't be available online for quite some time. So even though I can't post it here, I can describe what I saw when the trailer rolled before Black Swan (review coming later today. In one word: WOW). Certainly not about to divulge plot, the trailer for Malick's latest was as mysterious as it was beautiful. Interspersed with images of Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain as a 1950's small-town couple are gorgeously rendered images of a planet floating through stunning space backdrops. The "normal" photography doesn't disappoint either. Though the 1950's scenes are mostly rather plain, with faint shades of green playing a prominent role, the more modern day scenes with Sean Penn look gorgeous, especially a series of stunning nature shots. I'd have to re-watch it again and pay more attention to it before I could begin to guess at how this all fits together, but suffice it to say that it hints at something both very intimate and very grand.

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