Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Rabbit Hole"'s marketing gets intimate

While I'm still not crazy about the fifth slice/panel from the left (looks a little too much like sexual ecstasy...), I think this might be one of my favorite posters in what has been a mostly lackluster year. There's a beautiful sense of intimacy, and the transitions and gradual shifts in emotion really leap out from the images. These types of small, un-flashy films usually struggle in the marketing department, because they have nothing overtly eye-grabbing that can be turned into a signature image. However, the poster designers for Rabbit Hole obviously aren't letting that stand in their way. Along with the slightly less obvious tire swing poster, this is one small film that has really made itself worth looking at. Reviews so far have been very kind to this film, and claim that it's a very honest film about grief. That's not exactly easy to pull off, but it's that kind of praise that makes me long to see what is likely to be a very weighty, sad film.

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