Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You know what, Oscar producers?

Screw you. Oh, and shame on the writer for bashing "Take it All". Seeing Marion Cotillard perform that could have been a stellar moment. First the supporting actress snub, and now this? Yikes. And what about "The Weary Kind"? We can't even give a few minutes to the one good thing about Crazy Heart?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Oscar producers announced this week that none of the Best Original Song nominees will be invited to perform at the Mar. 7 Academy Awards. Given that we recently dubbed this year’s crop of music-Oscar contenders the “worst nominations ever,” I suppose it would be hypocritical to get too upset at this news. Will anyone really miss seeing Nine’s “Take It All” or Paris 36’s “Loin de Paname” performed live? It would have been nice to see Crazy Heart’s “The Weary Kind,” maybe, but that’s about it.

Still, Best Original Song performances have yielded some very worthy Oscar moments in years past. I’m thinking of the late, great Elliott Smith’s shy “Miss Misery” in 1998 (below), or Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s awwww-inspiring “Falling Slowly” ten years later, or Bruce Springsteen’s moving (and excellently goateed) “Streets of Philadelphia” in 1994. Even if I won’t miss this year’s nominees, I certainly hope this isn’t a permanent decision to exclude music performances from future award ceremonies.

What do you think of this move? Were you looking forward to seeing any of this year’s Best Original Songs performed? What are some of your favorite Oscar music moments from the past?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

F***! F***!F***!F***!

I was so tuned off the Oscars this year and when I saw Almost There and Take It All nominated, I though cool at least I'll have something fun. What the hell? Damn!

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