Friday, February 26, 2010

May 12th, 2010: The day "Tree of Life" finally sees the light of day

Well it's about time. Sure, Terrence Malick is a reclusive perfectionist, but after all of the back and forth on this film last summer/early fall, it's nice to know that this intriguing film will finally be released to the public. However, what I really want to know about is that supposed 40 minute companion piece shot for IMAX featuring a mythical creation story and spectacularly rendered dinosaurs (quite the contrast to the film's plot, involving generational relationships). Was that a myth? We'll have to see. I'm not a full on Malick enthusiast (loved all of Badlands and The Thin Red Line, only loved the cinematography/production values of Days of Heaven and The New World), but the man does make interesting, poetic films, and should be worth seeing.

Source: AwardsDaily/Le Film Francais

The Tree of Life is now officially scheduled for a French release on May, 12, meaning that not only should it go to Cannes but it could also be the Opening film. Just saying. Films are ALWAYS released on Wednesday in France, with the very exception of Cannes releases when a film is presented in official competition. If it is NOT pushed to the 13, 14, 15...that will mean it WILL be the Opening film, if it is pushed a few days, it will be competing later during the Cannes fortnight anyways.

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