Friday, January 2, 2009

Quick thoughts on Milk (2008)

  • Sean Penn is excellent and brings a real warmth to the character.
  • It's amazing to think that some of the anti-gay "logic" of the 1970s actually had supporters. Any attempt to pull this in the 2000s and you'd be the laughing stock of the nation.
  • The use of archive footage is hit and miss. Sometimes it's effective, but other times, when it's inserted for a split second just to tell you where a particular scene is, it feels pointless.
  • The supporting cast members are all very good (except for Diego Luna, who is cringe inducing), but I wouldn't label any of them as exceptional.
  • The first half hour or so leading up to Milk's decision to run for office is a bit slow and aimless.
  • Never manages to engage one emotionally enough to be as heartbreaking as it should be.
  • Some of it is brilliantly hilarious.
  • Does something different from most biographical movies by not starting with Milk's childhood.
Grade: B+

Nominations: Best Actor - Sean Penn

Number 0f 2008 films seen: 51


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