Friday, July 18, 2008

*Sigh*....not really a surprise, but still sucks to hear it...

Plans for a sequel to fantasy film The Golden Compass have reportedly been axed following a series of protests from the Catholic Church.

Scholars slammed the children's movie last year for being anti-God and anti-religion - and even officials at The Vatican stepped in to criticise the film, which stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.

Now author Philip Pullman, who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy the film was based on, has confirmed he has not been contacted over a follow-up, adding to industry speculation a second installment will not be made.

He says, "When the first film was in production, I was talking to the studio and to (writer/director) Chris Weitz and producers quite frequently. I'm sure I would be now if the sequel was in production."

But he admits he still has high hopes for another film: "I know everyone would like to see a sequel and I know I'd like to see it."

Film studio New Line Cinema is refusing to discuss the future of the trilogy.

The only possible good that can come from this is that I won't have to worry myself with questions like "will that scene be left in there?" or "will the person they cast as so-and-so do a good job?".


J.D. said...

Whoever hired Chris Weitz must be rolling in their grave. Because they must be dead by now - who would let them still be alive?

jbaker475 said...

I don't really take issue with Weitz (his direction was uninspired, but tolerable) as I do with the New Line executives who messed with the movie and made some of the editing really choppy just so they could have a shorter (and potentially more profitable) movie. Apparently Weitz still wants to release an extended version of TGC....God bless him....