Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Australia" headed for re-shoots....

Hugh Jackman Reveals Nicole Kidman Heading Back To Work On ‘Australia’
July 25, 2008
SAN DIEGO, Calif. --

Weeks after giving birth to daughter Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman is already preparing to go back to work.

According to her “Australia” co-star, Hugh Jackman, Kidman is heading back to the set of the epic film.

“We are doing a little bit of re-shooting in a couple of weeks so she is sort of back to work finishing off the film,” Jackman told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego on Thursday.

Normally I would consider this a troubling sign, but here are a few things to consider:

A) Kidman just had a baby, and there were probably some stunt scenes (ie: horseriding) that she couldn't do in the later stages of filming.

B) Jackman mentions only Kidman going back, and not himself or other principle actors; so it's not like the entire production is in trouble and everyone needs to head back.

C) seeing as much of the film was shot on location, there may have been sounds or objects (ie: a plane flying overhead) that disrupted a particular shot.

and D) it's Baz Luhrmann in the director's chair; he takes forever in post production anyway. Moulin Rouge had plenty of re-shoots, and yet it's one of my favorite movies ever.

I would only start to get worried if in a few weeks or a month the studio says that the whole film is being pushed back from it's November 14th release date.


Anonymous said...

I agree, except I'm sure that Hugh is doing reshoots also since he still has the beard and longish hair of the Drover. Reshoots happen all the time to fix or fine-tune things that they see in post-production - even Return of the King had reshoots.

jbaker475 said...

Ah good would make sense for Jackman to go back as well...I mean...he is like...the only other main character lol