Sunday, July 27, 2008

Holy crap I made a movie!

This is the finished product of my one week film camp at Pepperdine University where I got to (along with a group of 4 others) act, write, direct, and edit a short film. Now, the version below is heavily edited, and lots of good stuff got taken out (including an entire 3 minute continuous mini-short film that was supposed to play over the credits) from the original 10 minute version, but still, it's cool to be able to show this. Shout outs to my partners in crime Rachel, Spencer, Ben, and Matt, along with our mentor Chris Salazar (aka the technical genius), and everyone else at this camp, which (though exhausting) was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

Just to make it clear: I'm the super pessimist who (due to the recording equipment or something) sounds disturbingly like Ray Romano.

The very first thing you hear was my own little last minute touch.....

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