Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First pictures from "The Time Traveler's Wife" released

Based on the 2005 novel. Plot wise, for those not familiar, it's something like a more confusing version of Benjamin Button. Instead of the story moving in a linear fashion, it jumps around with the main characters at different ages (the male lead, Henry, involuntarily time travels, as opposed to aging backwards a la Mr. Button). Even though it was sometimes head bangingly confusing, I really enjoyed the book, though I'm nervous about how they'll make the constant era-jumping easy enough to follow, without dumbing down the source material. I like the fact that Rachel McAdams is playing Clare, but I'm a bit hesitant on the casting of Eric Bana as Henry. Even when he's not buff and muscular (see Troy, Hulk), he's still a big guy and I'm worried he could look just a bit awkward as Henry (although in the book Henry is never described as being a shrimp....). It's just odd to picture him not being in ridiculously good shape and wielding some sort of metal weapon. An even bigger issue is whether he and McAdams will having any chemistry (I'm still really iffy about this). Oh well, the film is completed, so all I can do now is wait and hope for the best....

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