Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tim Robbins joins "Iron Man 2"

Source: Latino Review/

The role of Howard Stark, founder of Stark 
Industries and Father of Tony (a.k.a. Iron Man), may have been given to actor/activist Tim Robbins, best known for his putrescent escape through a poop pipe in Stephen King's Shawshank Redemption

This brings up the question of why Jon Favreau dumped Gerard Sanders, who previously appeared in the part. CBM believes that it is because father Stark will be involved in an important storyline which will introduce the super soldier Captain America, and set-up two other Marvel movies, namely The Avengers and The First Avenger: Captain America

Also, some previous rumors of other Avengers have been confirmed by Latino Review's source. Hawkeye and Black Widow are mentioned as definitely having parts in Iron Man II.

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