Friday, November 19, 2010

Trailer for Duncan Jones' (Moon) "Source Code"

Duncan Jones' Moon may have been criminally overlooked at both the box office and during awards season last year, but apparently someone took notice of the exceptional debut. I remember hearing this title being thrown around as Jones' next effort, but never investigated it much (I didn't even know Gyllenhaal was the star until now). While the trailer certainly has a more commercial feel to it than the art house-y Moon, I wouldn't be surprised if the film is more than a high concept thriller. Then again, maybe it's yet another "countdown" thriller in the vein of films like the recent Unstoppable. Still, Jones was able to accomplish a lot on a tiny budget with Moon, which is impressive considering the lunar setting, so I'm interested to see what he cooks up with an obviously larger budget. There's always the risk that having a studio behind him will force the film to be watered down from whatever Jones' original vision was, but if it does well, Jones could begin to gain the clout necessary to make more films like Moon, and that's certainly not a bad thing.

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