Saturday, December 19, 2009

[Error Fixed] Some good (kind of) news: In the Loop actually eligible for the Oscars!

Thanks to Anonymous for setting the record straight.

A sigh of relief. Apparently IFC scheduled In the Loop's, Armando Iannucci's stellar satire, OnDemand release date at a day that allowed the film the be Oscar-eligible. The film certainly deserves to be recognized, though I'm not sure a last minute campaign will pop up anywhere. It's truly a shame that the studio apparently didn't (or maybe, "couldn't"?) start a campaign for the film, given its acclaim; Peter Capaldi would have had a strong shot at a supporting actor nomination. If Capaldi and the (adapted) screenplay could score nominations, I'd be absolutely ecstatic. If it doesn't happen I won't be surprised; right now I'm just hoping the BAFTAs nominate it.

Full list of films eligible for the Oscars

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Anonymous said...

No, they didn't change that rule, but IFC was smart enough to rig it's on demand release slightly so it WOULD qualify. They did the same for Antichrist.