Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teaser poster for 2009's "Angels and Demons"

I would have been skeptical, but then I remembered that the marketing for "The Da Vinci Code" began a year before the release of the film, with only a picture of the Mona Lisa and the title. We probably would have seen this sooner, but the film was one of the first casualties of the WGA strike last fall. With the script now complete, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, and everyone else are getting the cameras rolling....almost. The Vatican doesn't want the movie filmed inside two key churches in Rome. Though they SAY it's because the story doesn't fit with their beliefs yada yada yada, I have another theory: they can't stand to have a house of God defiled by the presence of Tom Hanks sporting a really oily mullet; the sight of such a hideous haircut is sure to caust many even the most devout to question their faith in God (mine was shaken as I sat through the cinematic travesty that was "The Da Vinci Code"). Let's hope this prequel to "Code" does a better job adapting the source material.

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