Saturday, March 17, 2012

[EDIT]IMAX & Theatrical Trailers : "Prometheus"

It may be unconventional (and inexcusably nerdy), but I think this may be my favorite thing to happen on St. Patrick's Day this year: the release of a brand new IMAX trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which is doing its best to not get mistaken for an Alien prequel...even though it might be one anyway. The trailer keeps the suspense up without giving up an ounce a plot, which I really love, especially seeing as we're in an age where big-budget films spoil 2/3s of the film in their promotional material. The production design and VFX look outstanding, and the cast is, as I've said before, loaded with charisma and talent. There may be no Sigourney Weaver among this group to grab a surprise Oscar nomination, but at the very least we can rest easy that this blockbuster material will be played out by actors with range and depth, and that's always comforting. Ridley Scott has certainly had his ups and downs over the past decades, but his return to sci-fi continues to look extraordinarily promising.

Trailer Grade: A

And now, just a day later, we have a full-blown theatrical trailer. This is the first time that any proper sense of plot has been revealed, and yet still, Prometheus remains shrouded in mystery, and the marketing team deserves high praise for it. There's enough here to let people in who want a taste of the plot, but no hints toward the actual progression of events (other than the crew landing and discovering things aren't as they seem). And despite how high the bar was set with the film's teaser trailer and IMAX trailer (the one above), the marketing team has truly outdone themselves here, giving us an incredibly intense look at a richly conceived and gorgeously rendered sci-fi world. Clearly the film relies heavily on VFX work, yet it all looks so beautiful and textured that it lacks that plastic, weightless feel that plagues so many overblown summer spectacles. Look out, Christopher Nolan; The Dark Knight Rises officially has its biggest competition (at least in terms of likely quality, if not box office) of the summer. Welcome back, Ridley Scott.

Trailer Grade: A+

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