Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Wolverine" director to movie-goers: dispute rumors are false

I hope this is true, and that he's not lying through his teeth just to make it seem like everything is alright. The darker this movie is, the better (and after their poor financial intake in 2008, you'd think that Fox would be smart enough to stop interfering/creatively stifling their projects by now....)

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

'Wolverine' helmer clears the air

As Fox deals with "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" bouncing around the Internet like emails promising Nigerian fortunes, it's easy to forget an earlier controversy surrounding the movie: namely, the alleged battle between director Gavin Hood and Fox studio topper Tom Rothman over how dark the movie should be.

Blogs and fan sites last summer were rife with reports of clashes on the set, with some suggesting that Rothman was pressuring the director to make X4 a lot less dark and a lot more kid-friendly. But in a new interview Hood did with THR's Matthew Belloni for our new summer movie web portal, the director swings his steel claws at the fanboys, calling the reports "upsetting" and saying he has "never had a stand-up argument with Tom Rothman" beyond the usual studio-director back-and-forth.

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