Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bryan Singer's "Valkyrie" back in the Oscar race.

The troubled project starring Tom Cruise and Bill Nighy has been delayed several times, finally settlling on a February (09) release date. In other words: awards season suicide. Now the studio has pushed it back into the heart of Oscar season: late December of 2008. Either the studio is really impressed with what they have, or they just want this project to go away and die quietly.

Source: Variety

As if Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner weren’t making enough news today, their “Valkyrie” is back on the 2008 slate.

MGM has moved the film to open Dec. 26, instead of the Feb. 13 date that was previously announced.

Sources close to events said the move was made for purely commercial reasons, after a screening of the film went well. The studio sees it as a holiday pic and award consideration was not a factor, they say. The film is directed by Bryan Singer.

Sony also shifted its Will Smith movie, “Seven Pounds” to Dec. 19, a week after its previously announced Dec. 12 bow.

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