Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trailer: "Take Shelter"

While it may not have picked up any awards from Robert DeNiro's journey, Jeff Nichols' film Take Shelter has quietly been picking up steam. The film was actually picked as the critics' favorite from the festival, which is saying something considering the heavy hitters at the festival (both in and out of competition). After seeing the trailer, it's easy to see why. This looks like an understated, yet eerie psychological thriller. Michael Shannon has been on the rise ever since Revolutionary Road (2008), and this could be a big breakout moment for him, at least on the indie circuit. And then there's Jessica Chastain, who will has at least 5, maybe 6 films hitting theaters this year (including the Cannes jury's favorite, The Tree of Life). Then there's Kathy Baker, always a welcome presence, who doesn't do nearly enough work these days. So that's: good cast, interesting premise, intriguing/eerie trailer, good early reviews. The only thing missing is a distributor to get the film into theaters this year.

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